23 Nisan 2012 Pazartesi

Welcome to my blog and first entry: Zvezda Set 8046 Vikings...

Hello. This blog is all about 1:72 scale (20 mm) miniatures. I have recently started painting miniatures and I'm already in love with this scale. Hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed painting them :)

Here are my first painted miniatures from the Vikings set by Zvezda. At first I was very disappointed with this set because I didn't know anything about painting them. They weren't as detailed as I hoped them to be. I had even decided to abandon 1:72 scale all together. I even started to give figures as presents to little ones around me. But seeing what the guys at http://bennosfiguresforum.com could do with this little guys I decided to give a shot. And here are results:

7 yorum:

  1. WOW!!! first post on your blog and you show something great! I love your Vikings: beautiful painting and basing (specially the figure with the leg on the gate!)

  2. Brilliant work especially since it's 1:76.

  3. Great first post Ender! And welcome in the bloggers world!


  4. The paint job is really good, but those bases are fantastic. I may just have to put my zvezda vikings back in the box.

  5. Perfect work, if this is just a start you will be an artist in a year ;-)
    Welcome in the blogworld!

  6. Nice! I like the guy kicking the fence!

  7. Great Painting! I like the Spearman! Cool stuff.

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    Once again, I would like to say really nice paintjob on your miniatures and also great macro photography!